As you would expect Murrell Equine provide all necessary routine work to ensure the health and well-being of your horse. Vaccinations, Strangles blood tests, Cushing's screening, Passports and Microchips, Worming advice etc etc etc.


If you have any routine management enquiries, please do just ask.

Routine Management

From routine check-ups, manual and motorised rasping to more involved cases involving X-rays, dental endoscopy, and investigation of sinus complaints that may require tooth extraction or surgery we provide a full service.


Most work, even if complex, can be performed at home yards. Prevention is better than cure so please do keep up with a good dental program.

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Services V1

Many consider castration routine. The appropriate direction to take does however require careful thought.


We offer a free pre-castration assessment to consider the options and discuss the process. Do get in touch.


Buying a horse is a huge decision. We are trusted with PPEs for horses of all types from high end competitive animals to privately owned family horses.

Any radiographic panels are performed at the time so there is no delay. We are also regularly asked to review information from PPEs performed abroad and the assessment of radiographic panels.

Deciding what form of vetting is right for you can be a complicated decision, so please do get in touch and we can take you through the process.


Pre Purchase Examination (Vetting)



Exporting horses has changed, and has become significantly more complicated. Official Veterinarians (OVs) are  formally required, and we have two.


Any exports require preparation so please contact the practice in plenty of time and we will take the stress out of the process.

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do.

However, offering a horse or pony a dignified and peaceful end, and to stop their suffering is something we take very seriously.

When you need us most, we will come to you with support, respect and sympathy to help you through what is perhaps the most difficult time you will experience as an owner.

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With particular expertise and experience in sport horse medicine, Murrell Equine are renowned for the investigation of poor performance. 


Our vastly experienced vets undertake a thorough historical review of previous work done on your horse before proceeding with any investigation in order to develop an appropriate plan for the best way forward.

Poor Performance

As an RCVS Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, our senior vet Mark has a particular reputation for lameness investigation.


Before joining us Albert was destined to join the Sports Horse Orthopaedic department at Bristol University, prior to the University closing their doors shortly after the COVID outbreak.


If you have a lame horse, we should be your first thought.

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Lameness Investigation

Xray V1

Here at Murrell Equine, we use the latest state of the art diagnostic imaging equipment.

As a practice we have invested in the most up-to-date products so you can rest assured your horse will receive the very best service.

Mobile Digital X-Ray and Ultrasound scans are available at your yard.

Mobile Digital Imaging

X-Ray and Ultrasound

Gastric ulcers are a common under-diagnosed condition in horses which can cause poor performance, poor condition, weight loss and recurrent colic. 


Murrell Equine have the state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose Gastric Ulcers, and a service which we can bring to you.


Mobile Gastroscopy


Mobile Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is a safe, non–invasive treatment commonly used in the treatment of soft tissue injury such as suspensory pain.


The diagnosis of suspensory pain and the myriad of conditions that co-exist in horses that suffer suspensory pain is sophisticated, as is the consideration of the most appropriate course of treatment in each case. If required, our shockwave unit is modern, efficient, quiet, and gentle.


Murrell Equine are one of a limited number of practices in Essex that have the experience and qualification to conduct surgical procedures under general anaesthesia.


Surgery is never entered into lightly but when necessary, our highly qualified vets ensure that every step of the way you are informed and on board with the process.


Consultancy Services

We are very lucky to have built an excellent rapport with several specialist consultants within the equine veterinary field from ophthalmology to cardiology and the assessment and surgical treatment of sarcoid's.


We are very thankful in that we are very well supported when one of our specialists are required, and in most instances an appointment will be arranged on your home yard.